Welcome to the Lough Derg
Greenway project information page

Here you will find information about the proposed Lough Derg Greenway project, updates about the current activities surrounding the project, and links to the public consultation portal to provide your feedback.

Thank You

To Whom it May Concern,

We wish to thank the public for their continued engagement as part of the development of the Lough Derg Greenway project.

The Project Team continues with the process of finalising the stage 2 assessment of the Route Corridor Options and are nearing the completion of the Phase 2 Options Selection Process along with reviewing the project cost estimates to deliver this extensive greenway project in line with TII guidelines and standards.

In tandem with the completion of the Phase 2 Options Selection Process, the Project Team is preparing for the project to be Peer Reviewed by the funding authority, Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

Following the completion of the Peer Review of the project, the Project Team will be in a position to provide a further project update with a timeline on the third Public Consultation in the project development, to present the Emerging Preferred Route Corridor.