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Here you will find information about the proposed Lough Derg Greenway project, updates about the current activities surrounding the project, and links to the public consultation portal to provide your feedback.

News Bulletin 23rd of March 2023

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your recent submission in respect of the public consultation for the Lough Derg Greenway Project.  All responses received as part of the recent public consultation on the project have now been reviewed. The scoring and reporting exercises associated with the Options Selection phase of this project will now be progressed.  The outcome of this process is the production of an Options Selection report which will set out a preferred route corridor and the reasons why this corridor were chosen.  The report will also summarise the results and feedback received from the public consultation and make recommendations on any change to the proposed scheme that are deemed to be warranted, based on the feedback received.  Following the production and review of the Options Selection Report, the following subsequent steps will be taken in respect of stakeholder consultation:

  1. Landowners who own land on or directly adjacent to the route corridor will be contacted.   This initial contact will be purely to advise the potentially impacted landowner that their land has been identified as being along or adjacent to a preferred route corridor.  The communication will advise that there will be a public consultation held in respect of the preferred route corridor and that the emerging route alignment that will be shown on maps should be taken to be indicative and will be discussed with the impacted landowners as part of the consultation process and subsequent design phase.
  2. Public Consultation No. 3 – Public Consultation will be opened up in respect of the Preferred Route Corridor.  Public Consultation events will be held in Nenagh and Ballina.  The date of these events will be confirmed in the coming months following the production of the Options Section Report.
  3. Individual Meetings – Following the Public Consultation and subject to approval for the scheme to progress to the design phase, individual meetings will be set up with potentially impacted landowners and communities.  Further details of these meetings and the availability of landowner representatives will be detailed in due course.

As the Options Selection phase continues, if you should have any questions in respect of the scheme, you can contact the project team by phone on 045 254 231, by e-mail on loughderggreenway@c3.ie or by writing to Clandillon Civil Consulting,

Osprey Business Centre,  Devoy Quarter, Naas, Co. Kildare

You are receiving this correspondence based on recent submission you made in respect of the Lough Derg Greenway public consultation.  If you no longer wish to receive correspondence in respect of the Lough Derg Greenway, please contact the project team using the contact details referred to above.